How Gentle Day® sanitary napkins are special?

  1. Conventional pads often irritate skin, their composition is not always known and therefore it is not clear what chemicals can be released and accumulated in the body when you wear them. Most organic cotton pads do not absorb well, they have to be changed frequently, so these pads can be used only by women whose menstrual periods are not heavy. Gentle Day® pads are made of high quality chlorine free materials, and their pH is skin-friendly. Pads are certified with Oeko-Tex® 100 certificate. The ecological tests conducted in Aitex Institute in Spain revealed that these pads meet all human ecology-related requirements. During tests the concentration of harmful substances that can often be found in textile and pulp products has been determined. Over time these substances accumulate in the human body, causing allergies, mutations or even cancer.
    Each Gentle Day® pad layer is made so as to better perform its function during menstrual periods or in everyday use. The cotton surface of daily pads does not irritate the skin, while the soft top layer of menstrual pads allows the liquid to pass through it very quickly and remains dry as the hydrogel layer perfectly absorbs moisture turning it into a jelly-like state. These pads have an extremely good absorbing capacity – they can absorb up to 5 times more than conventional pads. Side folds provide excellent protection against side leakage. The base layer with micropores is highly permeable to air, and the stripes made of adhesive that is used in food industry do not clog the pores of the bottom layer, so even on the hottest summer day a woman feels fresh, and her skin is not irritated. In addition, these pads have a yellow anion strip.

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