Our Mission | Askeko


Whether you are starting a business or already established, becoming an ASKEKO producer is a good choice to gaining better visibility and increasing sales. You can set up a producer’s account and start selling Organic and Natural products almost instantly.
Before joining as a listed producer, you will ’ll need to make sure that the products that you are going to offer to our customers will comply with our marketplace terms and conditions.
We are more than happy to welcome certified organic and natural product producers as well those whose products are certified natural but are not necessarily certified organic by a certification body.
By becoming an ASKEKO producer, you will agree to providing all relevant certifications and as well as public liability insurance. Scanned copies will need to be sent by email:contact@askeko.uk
We believe that the support of small and medium businesses is essential when a business is starting out and for this reason ourt blog is not only for us but for you as well. If you want to tell customers your amazing, story about you and your products, get in touch by email.
On our part, we are working hard to make sure that you and your buyers have a good experience on ASKEKO.

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Askeko is not only a marketplace but also a place that brings together multiple producers who all believe that organic and natural is a better choice. By being here, producers of organic, want to be closer to their customers by showing and sharing their love for natural products and a safer environment. Askeko saves trawling the web, looking at different websites all offering relatively limited ranges. Askeko is a marketplace where you can find a  wide range of organic, natural and free from products. It is a place for people who care about healthy options, safer products and pleasant experience. [/lgc_column] [lgc_column grid="50" tablet_grid="50" mobile_grid="100" last="false"] [/lgc_column]