About | Askeko

Who we are

Askeko is UK’s leading marketplace dedicated to Organic product producers. It is a place, which unites and brings together producers and buyers from the beauty industry to farmers, from non – toxic cleaning products to organic baby food.

In the fast-paced environment that we live in – very often offers us poor quality products and because of a lack of time, we buy what is easier or to hand. It is our mission to create awareness for and offer safer, cleaner products supporting small and medium producers.

That is why we created ASKEKO, a place where producers comes together to share their passion for organic and natural products by delivering high quality and chemical free products. ASKEKO aims to introduce you to a wide range of lesser known, innovative and smaller niche companies producing organic and safe products.

As a company, we aim to create a trusted marketplace for both buyers and sellers.

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Our Beliefs

Our company aims to believe that importance lies not only in what kind of business you may run or what service you may provide but as well it is even more important how you do it. From day one, we run our business in a respectful, honest and responsible way, with gratitude to our loyal customers, producers, sellers and team members. We believe that by creating community of trusted Organic, Natural and Free From (ONFF) sellers, we are going to spread awareness about why it is so important to use natural, GMO and pesticide free products. Each day we speak to hundreds of our customers who care about their healthier life, which made us come to conclusion that living better quality life, and using products that are safer for us and our environment it is not a lifestyle, it is a choice.

Giedre Dromantaite

Director [/lgc_column]